More food pleasure – for both dog and owner

Norsk Dyremat AS wishes to contribute to greater food pleasure for both dogs and owners. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Nortura, Norway’s leading supplier of meat. This allows us to use 100 percent Norwegian raw materials, produced with pride by Norwegian farmers on small farms. Norwegian meat production is world renowned for food safety as well as minimal use of antibiotics and other substances. This is a great benefit for all Norwegian consumers – including those with four legs.


Our production of healthy and nutritious animal food contributes to higher utilisation of valuable raw materials. We use meat and parts that were previously thrown away and turn it into high-quality animal food. In this way our products help to maximise the utilisation of energy and a more sustainable world.


Nortura is a leader in good animal health and high quality meat

Norsk Dyremat AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nortura, which is Norway’s leading supplier of meat. Nortura is owned by 18,800 proud Norwegian farmers, and has 33 production sites spread across 13 counties around the country. Nortura, together with Norsk Dyremat, have great ambitions to contribute to the green shift. Since 2012, we have reduced CO2 emissions by almost 15 percent.


Norway is one of the world’s leaders in terms of good animal health. We have nature on our side; a cold climate, with few harmful microorganisms. There is a good distance between farms, and this prevents the spread of possible contamination between farms. Last but not least, we have small farms, which provide a good overview of the animal’s health condition.


Norsk Dyremat AS is located in two locations in Norway


Freeze-dried and air-dried animal food is produced in Frei (Møre og Romsdal).


The factory in Sirevåg (Rogaland) produces canned animal food.


Frozen animal food is produced in Otta (Innlandet).