Increasing the value of your brand

Norsk Dyremat AS already delivers a series of products for a number of private labels in Europe. We wish to invite all who are interested in such production to visit our factories in Norway. Here you will see how important quality is for us, both the quality of our raw materials and our modern production process. You will experience a clean and sustainable production of dog and cat food. In Norway we have nature on our side – a cold climate, few harmful microorganisms and very low consumption of anitibiotics. Our goal is to help your brand to succeed, and offer a premium dog food to your customers.


We offer private label products both freeze dried and as canned goods. As a customer, you can choose from our 25 custom-made recipes, or we can develop new recipes with you.


Canned food is delivered in cans of 185, 400 and 800 grams.

Please contact us if you want more information or if you wish to visit one of our factories.

Per Olav Gausereide

Chief marketing officer